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Environmental Health & Engineering

O exemplo infra-mencionado serve de inspiração para todos os profissionais de Saúde Ambiental (Environmental Health) que pretendam ser empreendedores.
Quando muitas das vezes nos vemos subjugados pela Engenharia, eis um exemplo do Valor da Saúde Ambiental e do Reconhecimento da nossa área noutros Países, neste caso nos Estados Unidos da América, desde 1988. A título de curiosidade deixo, ainda, o link do Departamento de Saúde Ambiental da Escola de Saúde Pública de Harvard.

Environmental Health & Engineering (empresa em Boston, EUA)

Corporate Profile
In 1988, two professionals from the Harvard School of Public Health established Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. (EH&E) to provide businesses and institutions with a reliable resource for environmental consulting and engineering services. Since then, these founding visionaries, John McCarthy, Sc.D., C.I.H., and John Spengler, Ph.D., have assembled a team of over 50 hand-selected, highly-trained individuals who share a passion and enthusiasm for the built environment.

EH&E. Knowledgeable, experienced, committed professionals. Members of our staff:
are associated with leading universities,
are active in industry organizations,
conduct groundbreaking research,
are acknowledged leaders in their fields,
have excellent relationships with key governmental agencies

With this unique team, EH&E has earned a reputation for being an environmental consulting and engineering services firm that is focused, service-driven, and constantly exceeding clients’ expectations.
Building related engineering and environmental consulting issues are complex and serious with potentially significant ramifications on people, businesses, and institutions. EH&E can provide the complete environmental and engineering solution to effectively address these issues. Whether it is a study of the effects of pollutant exposure to human health, a complex risk assessment, commissioning of an AIDS research laboratory, or addressing questions about the most recent federal compliance requirements - we don’t just tackle technical issues, we provide solutions to major business challenges.

EH&E has a depth of knowledge and credibility unmatched in the industry and our wealth of readily-accessible information has become a powerful resource for our clients. Some of the professional disciplines we offer include:
Certified Industrial Hygienists
Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
Professional Engineers
Fire Protection Engineers
Professional Geologists
Certified Safety Professionals
Risk Assessment Specialists
Biosafety Specialists
Material Scientists
Project Engineers

Research shows that creating a healthier work environment is good business practice and should be part of any strategic plan. EH&E’s ability to provide a comprehensive range of engineering and environmental consulting services with solutions and people who can help implement them gives our clients a resource unrivaled in the field.

In http://www.eheinc.com/index.htm

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